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GARY X  is a Sci-Adventure Series of a new X-Files & Quantum Leap genre.

PREMISE: An enigmatic,  brilliant young man with the moniker of Gary X and his uniquely talented colleagues have formed an investigative group called, the ESG. (Esoteric Science Group).  ESG goes into action selectively accepting assignments from Don Elliot, the clandestine owner of an international security agency.  The ESG group can often be found using their high-tech and psychic skills tackling social issues or helping others who have nowhere else to turn.

Based on real characters and events in the privately published book, Phase Lockthe television series is written for the informed generation of smart viewers with a bent toward the unknown, the unexplained, with a touch of conspiracy theoryThis bold cyber-generation series questions authority, and fearlessly seeks the truth wherever it may take them!

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From the Gary X Website

The Esoteric Science Group (ESG) was founded by Gary, Terry, and Luke while in high school.  Gary was the original hacker who accessed databases at the Pentagon back in 1979.  Back then, it wasn’t called “hacking.”  He was expelled from the University of Cincinnati but later was recruited by the Department of Defence to work for General Dynamics Corporation to develop special weapons. Since that time, every hacker movie or TV show that comes out shows someone who once “hacked” the Pentagon, NASA or some government agency!  Gary was first in class.

Back in the day, The Esoteric Science Group would do ghost-busting and deal with poltergeist-type phenomena.  Most of the time, Gary would debunk the whole case.  Sometimes things happened that we couldn’t easily explain scientifically, like cattle mutilation, alien apparitions, and a few reincarnation cases.  Gary designed a human to dolphin language translator based on Dr. Dwight Wayne Batteau’s original work which remains classified until the year 2025.

We all live our separate lives in a small Southern Oregon town, but ever since Gary was contacted by his former handler, Don (not his real name), we get paid to do X-files like stuff.  We’ve all been friends for ages and have each other’s back at all times.  Don is creepy and we tend to avoid him.  Don now has a private security agency with a huge government contract.  He’s the go-to guy when the Dept. of the Interior or the TSA screws up.  For instance, the recent mine leak that trashed Colorado’s Animas River.

We’re waiting to see if they use the Schauberger/NMR vortex technology Gary invented to pull the toxins from the water.  They probably won’t because it’s one of the advanced suppressed inventions that would revolutionize everything.  The ESRG may have to handle this situation covertly.

We used to call ourselves, T.E.S.LA. – The Esoteric Science LAb, but that started sounding silly when Elon Musk started a car company with the same name.  So to avoid confusion we changed to ESG (The Esoteric Science Group).  We LOVE Nikola Tesla though!  If it wasn’t for Tesla, we’d all be living in the dark ages of Edison’s DC current hell.”

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The Esoteric Science Group


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