I began working with technology in 1968 at age eight when I built my first computer as a grade school science fair project.  That was a “Radio Shack Analog Computer kit.”  Later, in the 70’s I began programming, writing software for chess computers mostly in machine language.  In 1980, I founded International Business Connection, Inc. (IBC).  This Cincinnati-based company was involved in international barter, exchange and trade.  Though it was pre-internet and ahead of its time, the company was similar to today’s Alibaba/eBay in structure.

Today, I specialize in business development and information technology consulting for small and mid-size companies interested in developing a global marketing strategy.

I have been a business systems consultant for Fortune 5 companies and organizations such as Procter & Gamble, General Electric, Lockheed and the City of Los Angeles. My training in Project Management and Process Flow has allowed me to provide quality business consulting for dozens of small and mid-sized companies nationally and internationally, improving their bottom line.

In my work I am able to integrate business development, project management, corporate engineering and marketing skills learned in over 35 years in various business situations.  See Business Development for more details and background info.

My company, International Business Connection is now involved in web development, eCommerce implementation, merchant services, marketing and business development.


CEO, International Business Connection, Inc.

Private Corporation

Interim Business Development Manager

NiaSounds – a division of Nia

Portland, Oregon

  • Responsible for carrying out strategy to develop the NiaSounds Record Label business.
  • Responsible for researching the existing market and emerging trends in the music industry, In particular, dance music. I also use statistical data and analysis to make recommendations on potential for growth. and to advise on growth strategy.
  • Make recommendations on  changes needed in the company to achieve music industry related business objectives.

IT Director / CIO


Toronto, Canada Area

  • Implemented several high profile projects.
  • Deployed enterprise communication systems
  • Developed and deployed highly customized multi-jurisdictional $20M Magento based eCommerce system.
  • Designed and deployed several systems, including proprietary
    • Web-based Point of Sale System for use at international conventions,
    • Book Marketing Campaign System,
    • Event Management System,
    • Online University System,
    • Live video-streaming multimedia system for weekly online broadcast.

Actor and Screenwriter

Golden Flower Network – http://goldenflowernetwork.com

Ojai, Santa Paula and Los Angeles, California; Ashland, Oregon

  • Appeared in 20 stage plays, 6 feature films, 9 regional and national commercials.
  • Writer of four original screenplays, 3 TV pilots and 10 stage plays.

General Manager

International Business Connection, Inc.

Company founder: International Barter,Trade and Exchange; Business Consulting

COO, Excalibur Trust, LLC

Private Corporation involved in International Private Banking, Wealth Management, Real Estate Investment, Business Acquisition, Corporate Engineering.

  • Regional, National and International Long and Short Term Investments.
  • Interbank strategies, Forex trading, Stock option trading, Commodity investment consulting
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate consulting.

CEO, Excalibur Networks, LLC

800-member direct sales organization involved in the manufacture and direct consumer sales of homeopathic products worldwide.

  • Managed acquisition of manufacturing company
  • Development of direct sales organization (training, resources, etc.)

December 2006 – Greater Pittsburgh Area

Communications Analyst

Household Bank / Household Technical Services / HSBC

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Senior Communications Analyst for the Voice Data Group at Household Technical Services division of Household Bank prior to purchase by HSBC).
  • Technical expertise:
    • Aspect ACD call center systems. (IPNIQ/Broker environments)
    • CTI Integration between Avaya, Nortel PBX and Aspect ACD systems.
    • Cisco ICM call routing, Verint recording solutions.
    • Nortel PBX & VOIP including MCS Client & I2050 Softphone.
    • Concerto/Davox) Predictive Dialers, GeoTel Servers
    • Managed 20 IBM AIX RS600 Mainframes in national call center network

Software Tester / Quality Assurance Specialist

Trilobyte, Inc.

  Medford, Oregon Area

  • Software testing for popular computer games:  The 11th Hour, Uncle Henry’s Playhouse, Clandestiny, and Tender Loving Care.
  • Set up and executed test plans for both Windows and Macintosh platforms.
  • Worked with Apple, Inc. on compliance issues onsite at Cupertino, CA headquarters.

VP Data Engineering

Comcraft, Inc.

Executive position; Contract telecommunication services for Santa Rosa, Medford and Grants Pass, Oregon, City of Los Angeles

Network Specialist

Pharos Technologies

Cincinnati Area, KY

  • Responsible for design, installation and maintenance of Procter & Gamble internal computer network, working with the MIS division, consisting of over 2500 workstations internationally (the world’s largest corporate network at the time).
  • Expert in Apple Macintosh systems, Windows Systems, HP-300s, Computer networking and virtually all data communications protocols in existence at the time.
  • Through various training programs, I developed a well rounded customer service and support skill set.
  • Worked closely with P&G network managers to assure system integrity, quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Provided individual and group training on software use (email, Microsoft office products, etc).
  • Promoted to Manager of Network services Group within five months.
  • Established the first-ever corporate, enterprise-wide computer support call center.
  • Designed first trouble-ticket tracking system in the industry as well as other innovations, laying the groundwork for today’s IT industry.
  • Developed network management software for remote monitoring and management of computer networks and asset tracking, another industry first.
  • Graduated, W. Edwards Deming “System of Profound Knowledge” Course.