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The first step to wealth building is to become aware of things you do not know.

Invest in continuous self-improvement.  One financial mentor, Billy Epperhart suggests:

“A poor person should take a rich person out to dinner, buy him or her a seven course meal, and pay for the dinner.”
 Keep the rich person talking and learn everything you can!

Continual self-improvement and learning what you do not know is essential to building wealth.  Here’s how to get started.

  • Become an avid learners. Try to read at least one book a week, and listen to at least one podcast a day.  Remember:  READERS are LEADERS
  • Ask questions.  Even if you think you know the answer, ask anyway.  The three most important words in business are “Verify, verify, verify.”
  • You’re the average of the people you spend your time with.  Surround yourself with affluent, spiritually and emotionally grounded people.
  • Constantly find something new to learn and master. Find a new hobby. Learn a new skill. Take an online class or join a new club.  Keep your mind flexible and alive by learning new things.  Note:  It takes approximately 10,000 hours to master a new skill — just saying 🙂
  • Challenge Yourself. To truly find out what you do not know, you must first try. Then, if you fail, you have a new skill to master!
  • Admit you don’t know everything (I know that’s tough for some people). How will you ever learn a new skill and master new trades if you cannot admit what you don’t know? Always ask for help. Take the expert out for coffee.  Welcome wisdom and, again, ask lots of questions.

To master your money – and to better yourself as an individual – you should constantly be learning, making mistakes, and getting back on the horse. It’s never about perfection.